Roku Won’t Connect to Internet – Troubleshooting Guide

Roku Won't Connect to Internet

Is your Roku won’t connect to Internet? Don’t panic!

Follow this guide to help resolve your Roku not connecting to wireless network issue.

Usually when you encountered with the Roku can’t connect to home internet error display, the possible reason could be:

  • You’re hitting the wrong password/ make wrong Network selection
  • Your router is not connected to internet
  • You have wrongly done Roku wireless connection setup
  • Roku is connected to router but won’t be able to use network connection
  • The network strength is not adequate/ no internet access.
  • Your Roku is out of wireless coverage
  • There is a technical or software issue with Roku or it is defective

So now you’re familiar with the possible reasons which may lead to Roku being unable to home network issues, we will continue to explore solutions to fix this.

But before digging out the solutions, first we will cover some of the factors you need to check before troubleshooting why won’t my Roku connect to the internet:

Thing You need to do if your Roku says not Connected to Internet

Just make sure:

  • Have you connected all the wires to the required port?
  • Is your network active?
  • Have you checked your SSID and password  for special characters (excluding letters & numbers)
  • Are you trying to connect to 5 GHz wireless? Roku only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi networks.
  • If your wireless router is not compatible with a 2.4 GHz wireless network, your device will not be able to connect to it.
  • Did you try a different  wireless broadcast channel on the router to check if this will allow your device to connect?
  • Have you tried another device to check whether your router is working or not?
  • Did you change your Roku location closer to your router to see if you can get connected?

Likewise, if you’re getting the network issue while activating your Roku TV then you may refer to setup Roku TV guide for detailed steps. So, If you find all said points okay and still can’t connect Roku to wireless/wired network, you’re liable to apply the steps to fix  the Roku not connected to wireless network issue.

Let’s drill out the solutions for how Roku stopped connecting internet issues…

1st thing, make sure your Roku is activated if you don’t know how to do it, than read How to get Roku activation link

Perform Internet & Network Checks

When we talk about the network issue, the problem can be classified into 2 main categories:

  • Internet is not working
  • Internet is working but the signal strength is not sufficient

Now when it comes to fixing internet connection, first you need to verify the type of network you’re using i.e. wired or wireless.

First we will discuss how to diagnose the wireless Network…So let’s begin

Check Your Wireless Network Name & Password

This is one of the common mistakes people usually make! While choosing your home network, be sure that you’re selecting the correct one. For instance, you may have popped with similar network name with minor differences such as a period or letter case in network name.

Likewise, while punching your password:

  • Make sure your password does not contain any special characters.(if it has, insert it)
  • Your password is case sensitive
  • You’re inserting your password manually instead of copying it from somewhere as it may count the space.

Note: If you have forgotten your password, or you find that someone has changed your password, you may contact your ISP provider to get your new password.

Place your Router near to Roku to Improve Signal Strength

Make sure you have placed your router not so far to the Roku device.  In case, your router is showing excellent signal strength but you still Roku won’t connect to internet, follow the tips below:

Tip 1: Remove all other devices sharing the same wireless connection for a while.

Tip 2: Reduce the distance between Router and Roku device. Less the objects between router and Roku path, more the signal strength will be.

Tip 3: Adjust the routers antennas positions.

Tip 4: Place your Roku & router device in an open area, instead of placing them in a covered area such as cabinet.

If you’re using the Ethernet cable to connect your Roku device with internet perform the following steps:

Learn  how to Troubleshoot Wired Connection ( Roku Won’t Connect to Internet)

First ensure that all the wires are connected to the right port or not.

If you are finished with checking the loose, torn or unconnected wired and find everything satisfying now it’s time to troubleshoot your network.

How to Troubleshoot your Network Settings? See the steps below…

  1. Login to your device page.
  2. Use your remote and press the home button. Just in case your Roku remote is not working, replace the batteries with a new pair. Do not forget to use the right battery size.
  3. On the TV screen scroll down until you see the network, and then click on “test”.
  4. If you get any error here than you must diagnose the error, it may be network strength as well as connectivity error.
  5. In a situation when you’re unable to find or fix any network error, you may contact your ISP provider directly to inquire about the network query.

After diagnosing your network if your Roku is still not able to establish a stable connection with the internet, you should check your router device…

Troubleshooting your Router to fix Roku Won’t Connecting to Internet/Home Network

Restart Your Router & Modem

Note: The new integrated model comes with the functionality of both Router & Modem. If you’re using  the stand-alone router and modem, you need to reboot them separately.

Rebooting/Restarting your router will erase all the random glitches affecting the router performance. To do this, simply unplug all the cord attached to the router from the main power source , let it unplug for 15-20 seconds and plug it back to the main source.

Alternately, press the reset button on the back side of the router using a sharp end pin for 20-30 seconds .

Note: Be sure the flash lights on the router are not green, during the rebooting process.

Once it gets turned on, try to connect your Roku device again.

If you find it unable to connect your Roku with your router even after restarting your router, there is something to do with your router DNS setting.

If problem is with device than you need to go to Roku device troubleshooting section

Set your Router DNS Setting to Default Inputs

To play with your router  DNS settings, first you need to obtain the IP address of your router. don’t know your router IP address? Don’t panic!

See the steps below:

  1. Click on the Window Start menu>>>>type ‘cmd’ on the search box
  2. Command prompt window will open up, Type ‘ipconfig’ and hit the enter button
  3. On the next window, note down the Default gateway value i.e. your router’s IP. (display as Default IP……..

So now when you have found your router IP, you can proceed to the steps to change your router DNS setting.

How to Adjust Router DNS Setting:

  1. Launch your computer web browser (Chrome, firebox, edge etc.) >>>>>>>>>type the router’s IP address manually on browser address/URL bar and click on the search.
  2. The router web-based setup login page will open up, prompting for the username and password>>>>>>>here the default router username is ‘admin’ & password is ‘password’

Note: Some time the router login page opens up with username & password value, here you only need to hit the submit button.

  1. Now you’re in to router setup page access, Navigate to DNS setting and set the DNS1 and DNS2 value to default public input and save the settings. Doing this will set your router DNS from private to public configuration.

Important: The default Google Public DNS input for primary & secondary are: &

If the router is still denying the internet connection, as a last resort you may have to upgrade your router firmware setup.

After upgrading your device you may proceed to add channels on your box. See how to Activate Netflix channel to Roku.

Update your Router Firmware Software to fix Roku Won’t Connect to Internet Issue

Important: Be sure that your router is connected to Ethernet cable while you’re updating the firmware software to avoid any interruption and failure. Same way, do not close your browser Window or perform any other activity during the upgrade process.

Learn how to Update Router’s Firmware Software

  1. Launch your Computer web browser.
  2. Type the Router IP address manually on the browser address bar (usually where you search the website )
  3. A Window will appear asking for a username and password. By default, the username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’
  4. Once you login in to the router setup page, locate the Firmware Update or Router Update under the administration option.
  5. Keep in mind that the option may vary depending upon the router model.
  6. You can see the current version of router here. On the same window, If you see any update notification und, click on the update button to start the process.

This process may take some time, so keep patience. DO NOT interrupt the upgrade process as it may cause some serious damage to your router device. Furthermore, Once the upgrade process gets completed, your router will restart itself.

In case, if you notice any red glowing light in front of the device or if a Roku low power warning is flashing on screen, connect your Roku outlet using HDMI to see if this can resolve the issue.

Troubleshoot your Roku to Get it Working with Internet Network

Disable Roku Network Ping Setting

Start inspecting your Roku device with your Roku network pings setting. If you find it enabled, here is what you need to perform.

  1. Launch your Roku device
  2. Press the Home button using Roku remote control. Now follow this series —–press the Home button 5 times on Roku remote>>>>now press Fast forward >>>>>then, play>>>>>rewind>>>>>>play>>>>> finally fast forward again.
  3. This will take you to the system setting menu, now scroll up to ‘system operations menu’
  4. Under this list, choose the disable Network option to make it enable.

Once you’re done with this restart your Roku device. To do this,

How to Restart your Roku?

Hit the home button on Roku remote>>>>>>>Navigate to setting menu>>>>>>>>underneath this, choose the system restart>>>>>>click on the restart button. After the system is back to you, try connecting your Roku with the internet.

It may also happen that your Roku may go into a restart loop after updating the network ping setting. To fix Roku freezes up, keep your device unplugged for a couple of times from the main power supply.

Recheck Your Country , Date & Time

Sometimes the Roku clock is set to another time zone or you have selected a wrong country option.

Correct the time-zone  & clock- format on Roku:

  • Using the Roku remote control, hit the home button, it will take you to the main home screen.
  • Go to settings option>>>>>>under the setting & preference menu, scroll down to system option>>>>>>>>> Now choose about>>>>>under this section,  you can change the ‘time-zone’ or the ‘clock-format’ as per your choice.
  • Hit the button you need to reset, you can check the ‘set automatically’ tab. Doing this will automatically take the time as per your internet connection.

Note: You can also set a time zone manually using your Roku remote control.

Likewise, you may choose the clock-format option to reset the format from 24 to 12 hours.

After attempting this, you will hardly find any default while connecting your Roku to WiFi / Home-network, if you get,  keep reading for further solutions:

Factory Reset Your Roku device if Roku Won’t Connect to Internet

This will setback your Roku device back to its initial stage – a totally new Roku device. Mainly there are three ways to reboot your Roku device:

  • Using Roku remote
  • By pressing reset button at the back of Roku device
  • Simply unplugging the Roku from the main power supply.

Here we will cover the easiest method to reset your Roku device:

Simply unplug all the wires attached to the Roku device and TV from the main power cord. Keep it unplugged for at least 10- 20 minutes and plug them back to the main power switch.

Hope you find this guide helpful in fixing Roku won’t be accessible to internet connection. Also, if you’re looking for more help, you can talk to a professional for real time assistance.


Roku Won’t Connect to Internet – Troubleshooting Guide

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