Roku Low Power & Flashing Red Light Issue – Learn Fixes

Roku Low Power and Flashing Red Light Issue

Want to fix Roku low power & Flashing red light issue?

There are times when your Roku device starts blinking with a red light or keeps flashing a red light continuously.  This usually indicates that Roku is having a low power supply.

Let’s cover this in detail!

Flashing Red lights means the device is overheated. On the other hand, if the red light blinks in some interval it refers to the power supply to the Roku device as inadequate to work properly.

Fixing this is important as it may turn into device freezing, crashes or other fatal results. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Solutions to Get Fix Power Warning

Whenever your Roku device screen starts displaying the ‘low power warning’ message instead of Roku.Com/Link Enter Code. You can follow the below steps to resolve the problem:

Always Use the included Power Adapter to Avoid Roku Low Power & Flashing Red Light

It is important to use the adapter that comes with the Roku player. To connect your Roku device with the main power outlet. The reason for this, the adapter you’re using other than the included, may not supply sufficient power to Roku or can also harm the device.

Same way, If you’re using the Roku sticks, use the USB cable that comes with the Roku package.

Make sure the USB power adapter you’re using is not less than  5V, 1A (1000mA).

Try Different USB Port on TV

Sometimes it may happen that you’re using the same USB cable that comes with a Roku player but still getting the power supply alerts on the Roku TV screen.

If we talk about the reason for this, The USB ports come with different power output specifications. Not every USB port is same, each has different current flow ability. It may happen that the port you’re currently connecting with is not compatible to supply the sufficient power supply needed for Roku players.

Simply disconnect the USB cable and connect it to a different TV USB port to check if it works.

Pro Tip- Disconnect all other USB connected to your TV for a while to reduce the power usage and faster the power supply to the Roku device.

Use HDMI Extension to eliminate Roku Low Power & Flashing Red Light

Yes! You can reduce the power interference. By simply installing an independent HDMI extension to connect your Roku device with TV instead of using the USB cable. Otherwise it can force your Roku to respond unusually or to start freezing up.

Connect Directly to Power Outlet (if you’re connecting through USB)

Another effective solution connects your Roku device directly to the main power outlet to avoid any intermediate power medium.

Another benefit you will get by directly connecting your Roku device to the main wall power outlet. That it will not require to charge every time you start your TV. And thus, it will also perform faster compared to a USB connection.

Securely Attach the Power Adapter

The reason you’re getting the low power supply warning -loose adapter! Simply disconnect and reattach the power adapter to a power outlet to ensure that it is connected securely and firmly.

If you are still getting the warning, you may try the different power outlet as a last resort.

Try a Different Power Outlet

As there is a possibility that the power outlet you’re connecting with is defective or damaged. Try connecting the power adapter to a different power outlet. Alternatively, you can try connecting another electronic device. To see if it can connect with the same power outlet.

Further, if you still see Roku low power & flashing red light issue constantly,  perform the below troubleshooting steps:

How to Fix Roku Low Power & Flashing Red Light?

Usually, whenever you touch the Roku device after the usage of some time the Roku body will be warm. It is quite normal! But in the event, you find the temperature hotter than the normal – it can be a major concern!

Luckily, other than flashing red, your device will also alert you with a ‘device is overheating’ warning message. So that you can perform the needful before it can turn into a worse condition.

Note: Almost every Roku model comes with a tiny light on the front of the set top box which flashes white or green lights during general device operating.

Red light on Roku may lead to multiple unwanted device problems if don’t handled properly. For instance, this can make your Roku device stop connecting with network or may result in network errors like error code 001.

So let’s start troubleshooting:

Keep Roku Device Out of Enclosed Area

Have you placed your Roku device inside a cupboard/cabinet/case? If yes, this could be the reason why your Roku device is getting overheated.

It is highly recommended to keep your device in an open airy place so it can function properly.

Try to keep your device Cool to fix Roku Low Power & Flashing Red Light

The next important thing you must do is letting your Roku device be cool. Simply, remove the cable from the main power supply. And place your device to a non-flammable place such as on the tile floor.

Word of Caution: DO NOT keep your Roku device under the direct sunlight.

Place Roku Away from Other Electronics Device

Be sure there are no other electronics devices around your Roku device. Also, maintain some distance between the Roku device and TV. Doing this will not only lower the wireless interruption but also keep your device cool.

By following all mentioned tips and tricks, users can resolve their red light on Roku issues. And can also prepare their device to cope up with such problems.

Roku Low Power & Flashing Red Light Issue – Learn Fixes

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