Roku Error Code 003 | Troubleshoot Software Update Error

Troubleshoot Roku Software Update Error Code 003

Experienced Roku error code 003 i.e. update error?

Error 003 comes up when you try to update the software even if it is connected to the Internet. 

This can be happen due to two reasons when you unable to update the Roku device: 

First, the back-end server is down or undergoing maintenance. Secondly, when Roku takes a long time to establish a connection.

Don’t get fret!!!

You can easily fix error code 003 on Roku. Just go ahead guide that represent full information on how to fix “Roku software update error code 003”

Common Reasons – Why Are You Facing Roku Error 003? 

There could be several reasons when you experience Roku error code 003 on device. In most cases, this problem occurs when you are not able to connect multiple channels through internet connection. 

Let’s see a list of common causes….!!!

  • You may face this error if your Roku device is not updated from a long time. 

Note:  Apart from the bugs fixes, the update makes the device error-free that helps to increase its lifespan. 

  • Might be a server back-end problem.
  • A weak or unstable internet connection is the reason for error 003.
  • Network Security Protocol issues create a problem while you are trying to update Roku software.
  • Due to outdated device software, you encounter update issues. 
  • One of the reasons is when you have changed Network Settings.

Basic Fixes – Error Code 003 On Roku 

Before moving advanced troubleshooting, understand and apply simple fixes on Roku error code 003.

  • To fix the Roku software error code, update the latest version. 
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable and strong. 
  • Ensure the wireless connection username and password are correct that you have entered.
  • Try to place closer your Roku device and Router.
  • Restart your Roku and Router by following the instructions.
  • To improve internet connectivity, we recommended you to use a standard Ethernet cable. 
  • You should try to Switch to a different network

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Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 003 (Update Error)

Here are some easy ways or methods to resolve Roku TV error code 003. 

Solution 1: By Checking Roku Server Status 

Before any changing in Network Settings, it is important for you to check Roku server status. Because sometimes, the Roku server is down or undergoing maintenance. 

  • Check your internet connection is working properly or not.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct wireless network username and password. 
  • Wireless network name is “SSID” and the password is either “WEP” or “WPA”. 
  • For strong signal strength, place your Router and Roku close to each other.

Solution 2: Change Network Setting Protocol

In most cases, Roku refused to update the device because of the type of protocol. Check and change your network’s security settings. 

See how you can change:-

  • First off, open your Router settings -> Open IP address Settings. You can find this IP address at the back side of your Router or in documentations. Like “”
  • If you are using AES then you should try to change this to WPA2-PSK. 
  • After changing the new settings, try to connect your Roku to the Network. See if your problem is solved or not. 

If the problem still persists, move to the next step….!!!

Solution 3: Using Ethernet and Wireless

For your concern, we give some information that some Roku devices have the feature to connect both networks i.e. wireless and wired. 

If your network is wireless, then we recommend switching it to wired and try connecting again for the update device. 

Connect your Roku device to the modem by Ethernet cable and check problem rectify or not. 

If you are the first time connecting your Roku device to the internet network then you will have to follow the network setup process correctly.

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Solution 4- Restart your Device

Sometimes restarting or rebooting helps to fix this situation. 

  • Go to ‘Settings’ -> System -> Click on ‘System Restart’.
  • Restart your Roku device. 
  • On Roku TV, go to Settings -> Power -> Tap on ‘System Restart’.
  • After this, restart your Router. 

Solution 5: Update Roku Manually

To fix Roku error code 003, update your Roku manually.

  • To open Roku menu on screen, press the Home button on the Roku remote control. 
  • Navigate to Settings -> Press the right arrow button on the remote control. 
  • Further, navigate to System -> Select ‘System Update’.
  • Manually check by clicking on the ‘Check Now’ button.
  • Roku scan for new system updates, if available. 

These troubleshooting methods will most probably fix your issue. In case, you need help related to the Roku update then talk to experts for guidance. 

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Roku Error Code 003 | Troubleshoot Software Update Error

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