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Roku Error code 001 (Solved) | Activation Issue

What is error code 001? If by mistake- you enter an incorrect Roku activation code or there’s some issue with the ROKU server that you are unable to connect with your device, it is referred to as error 001.

The error code 001 may appear on both your computer and smart TV while you are accessing the Roku device. And, depending on your situation- you need to choose and apply the solutions.

If the error code 001 appears on your Smart TV:

  1. First and foremost, check the Roku activation code and make sure that you type the code- “the way it is.”
  2. Also, make sure the Roku device has proper and stable access to Internet. Because weak signal strength won’t allow the link code to pass through the process.
  3. Go to Roku device menu through Smart TV and scroll down to select SYSTEM UPDATE option from the left-panel. If there’s any software update available – INSTALL it first.

In case, you get the error code Roku 001 while accessing the Roku account on computer then:

  1. Check and disable all proxies/ VPNs through Network and Sharing Center window.
  2. Go to System Control Panel and disable the firewall as, the software may consider Roku webpages a threat to your PC.
  3. Reset Roku device and reboot all the connected system.

Note: If you have to follow STEP 3 then, setup ROKU device again using activation link code.

Roku error code 009

When your Roku device is connected to router but is unable to access the internet that’s the time, when you get the error code 009.

To fix it:

  1. Check the physical connection between devices and make sure there’s no loose port or damaged cable.
  2. Check the router settings if the error persists and make sure they match with the ones defined by your ISP.
  3. Check for red or orange light on router. If there’s any other light than solid green or white then, troubleshoot your Internet connection.
  4. Update network drivers of your computer and software update on your SMART TV. This will help you get rid of all network errors.
  5. If your computer still doesn’t get out of Roku error 009 then, reset the network and Roku device.

And, setup ROKU device again using link activation code.

Roku Error code 001 (Solved) | Activation Issue
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