Activate Netflix channel on your streaming device

Activate Netflix on Roku

With easy to follow instructions, get Netflix membership & activate Netflix on Roku.

Learn to setup Netflix on Roku and troubleshoot Netflix issues

Overview of roku with Netflix

Create ROKU account on Roku website and get activation code for roku, so you can activate Netflix on Roku and watch Netflix movies, TV shows, original series, documentaries, and much more using Roku device. Till now, Netflix was working with all models of Roku device. However, after November, 2019- Netflix would dropout the service for first-generation Roku boxes. So, make sure you get the new streaming box OR replace the existing Roku device with a new one.

Instructions to Activate Netflix on Roku

Get the solution to add Netflix on all models of Roku including Roku 1. For Hulu you can check How to Activate Hulu on Roku


Apply the steps to add non-subscribed or private channels on Roku device using link access code

Roku Account

First and foremost, you need to create a ROKU account on Roku website so, you can add channels like Netflix and access them later on TV.

Netflix Subscription

Subscribe to any Netflix plan: Basic, Standard, or Premium and add the channel on Roku device. In case, you have purchased mobile plan, you won't be able to activate Netflix on Roku TV. Note: You may even start with the 30-days free trial plan in case, you don't want to right away purchase Netflix membership.

High-speed HDMI cable

For easy, fast, and accurate flow of Netflix content via Roku device to TV, you need a premium quality HDMI cable. However, if you are using Streaming stick then, you need a good quality USB cable.

Screen Resolution

Earlier Roku 1 supported 480p/1080p. However, the newer Roku models that can run Netflix need at least 1080p resolution. For Roku 4, Premiere, Premiere+, and Ultra model, standard resolution of 4K is required.

Wi-Fi connection

Make sure the Internet connection is fast so, you can have the better video quality. Recommended wifi download speed is 3.0 Mbps for standard definition and 9.0 Mbps for HD content. If you are using Ultra HD or HDR then, the download internet speed should be at least 25 megabits per second or higher. Contact your ISP,

New Roku device

If you have Roku 1 then, purchase a new streaming box because Netflix won't activate on Roku 1 from now on. In case, you already have the newer Roku streaming box, then check for the next specifications on list.

Steps to activate Netflix on Roku device

Know how to setup Netflix com activate on Roku 2, 3, 4, MHL stick, Streaming stick, TVs, Express, Premiere, Express+, Premiere+, & Ultra.

Sign in Roku Account

Connect your computer to wifi and open link on the OS supporting web browser.

Connect Roku device to Roku Account

Link your Roku device to its account using activation code. In case, the Roku device is already linked to Roku account, move to next STEP.

Navigate to Netflix Channel

After you sign in Roku account, place your pointer over the menu option: WHAT TO WATCH and choose CHANNEL STORE from the pulled-down menu.A huge list of Roku channels will open on the window.

Search Netflix Channel

Scroll down to Netflix channel or search it under the popular list. In case, you still can’t find it- simply tap on search symbol and type Netflix in the field. The channel will automatically pop-up.

Activate Netflix on Roku

Tap on channel name or image to open the Netflix-Roku window. Click ADD CHANNEL button to stream Netflix on Roku TV.You’ll be redirected to Netflix login window.

Login Netflix account

If you the Netflix membership, simply provide your username and password for the verification purposes.In case, you don’t have the Netflix membership, then first make the purchase 

Congratulations! Your Roku device will have the Netflix channel.

However, after Netflix account login-if you get some link code on Roku screen, then here’s what you can do to activate Netflix on Roku:

Go to Roku Account settings

Tap on profile picture icon in top-right corner of page and choose MY ACCOUNT from the pulled-down menu.

Add channel with Code

Scroll down a little on MY ACCOUNT page and tap on ADD CHANNEL WITH CODE link to redirect on another webpage.

Type Roku Netflix link access code

Enter the channel access code provided in the field and hit NEXT button to stream Netflix on Roku TV.

Steps to subscribe Netflix account for Roku

Select your Netflix TV plan online to finally add the Channel on Roku account & device

Trial Membership of Netflix

Buy Netflix membership online as given!

Find all solutions to buy Roku membership.

Troubleshoot Roku Netflix problems

Choose your Roku Netflix issue & resolve the problem for smooth streaming of Netflix channel

Netflix not working on roku

Roku Netflix not working

netflix channel not loading on Roku streaming device

Netflix won’t load on Roku

Change Roku Netflix account

Change Roku Netflix account

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the highly-reported queries of Netflix on Roku

Either there is some network error or the Roku device is not able to build connection with Netflix channel. So, you must turn off your Roku device for 10 seconds and then Turn ON using ROKU remote. After a minute, you may try connecting the Netflix again on Roku device

Enter Roku device from TV using Roku remote and enter its SETTINGS. Further, navigate to SYSTEM>>>>>ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS>>>>FACTORY RESET.

After reset process completes, add another Roku profile that you want.

Yes, it is possible! You simply need the Netflix login credentials and add the channel on two different Roku devices.

If you are already a member of Netflix then, the access code will display after you tap on ADD channel button and login to Netflix account. The code generated is entered on link access code screen to activate channel on Roku.

If you have Netflix membership then maximum of 6 people can register their device with one Netflix account.However, you can only stream 2 movies or TV shows at the same time.

Yes, you can remove Netflix channel from Roku device. Simply, go to Netflix webpage>>choose Settings>>>>and tap on SIGN OUT button and YES to confirm the action. You will get an option to sign in as different user.

If you are a new Netflix subscriber who is looking to enjoy Netflix FREE trial on Roku then, you can do so by adding the service on ROKU streaming player or TV.

You will no more be able to stream any movie or TV show unless you renew or join any Netflixsubscription plan.

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