Activate HULU channel on your streaming device

activate hulu on roku

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activate hulu channel on roku streaming devices

Overview of Hulu in Roku

Hulu channel is a paid streaming service that also offers LIVE TV under its plans. You can activate hulu on roku. You just need to subscribe for the channel directly or via ROKU TV to get trending shows & movies all the time. Generally, HULU come pre-installed in ROKU device. However, if you can’t locate the application then, simply download the software from Play store and install on your device.

Step-by-step procedure to Activate Hulu on Roku

Know your system requirements, technical specifications, & other important details about Hulu activation on Roku. Also, learn about software upgrades, roku link access code, and switch Hulu accounts on roku.

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Want to get Hulu Live TV & Channel on ROKU?

Get the following list of tools, equipment, & devices on your list.

Important: Each one of the mentioned specifications is vital to activate Hulu on Roku  

Subscribe Hulu Channel from ROKU TV

Connect Roku device to TV

Use HDMI cable to connect Roku Express or Premiere with TV. However, if you are using Roku streaming stick then, attach it to the open HDMI port of TV and access USB cable to build the further connection.
Note: You also need to connect TV and Roku device with the power outlet to complete the circuit.

Link Roku account with streaming device

Open a web browser window on your computer>>> go to Roku link webpage>>>>and, type the Roku activation code that you get from TV.

Important: You will need to login Roku account in order to complete this step.

Begin Hulu Sign Up Process

You need to open webpage and tap on Trial membership button (located on top-right corner of screen) & begin with the channel subscription.

Choose your Hulu Plan

Click on ‘Sign Up Now’ button to open Hulu channel plans. Select any one of the provided Hulu plans from next page: Hulu (no ads), Hulu (with ads), Hulu+Live TV to enjoy watching latest and greatest movies & TV shows.

Complete Hulu Subscription

Share your details like email address, password, date of birth, gender, and name to continue with the subscription process. On next screen, add your payment details of credit or debit card to submit the information with Hulu channel.
*In case, you do not want to continue using Hulu channel after the trial period, cancel the subscription before trial period ends.

Restart Roku Device

After you get successful HULU subscription message on screen, restart your Roku device and TV to apply the saved changes. Recommendation: Hard refresh your Roku account to let the changes apply.

Search Hulu on Roku TV or account

Now go to Roku TV screen>>> navigate to CHANNEL STORE from left-panel>>>>> search the list of channels>>>> and find HULU channel on list. In case you can’t find the channel on TV, repeat the same process on Roku account using computer.

Complete Hulu activation in Roku TV

Tap on ADD CHANNEL button on HULU Roku page and wait for the channel to get added on Roku account and device.

Kudos! Your Hulu channel will get added to Roku TV and account.

Install already subscribed Hulu in Roku account & TV

Complete Roku activation on TV

Connect your Roku device to TV using HDMI or composite cable (based on your device and situation). Also, attach your Roku device and TV to electric outlet for the power supply.

Note: You might need a USB cable if you are connecting streaming stick to the TV.

Connect Roku account to Streaming device

Connect your Roku TV to wifi and get the link activation code. Use this code on Roku link webpage on computer & connect the Roku device to its account.
If you do not have the Roku account, create one.

Navigate to Channel Store

Simply, reboot your Roku device connected to Roku account and go to Channel Store from left-panel opened on Roku TV.
Check out the list of popular channels and see if you can find HULU channel.

Add Hulu Channel on Roku

To be specific, go to search field on Roku TV screen and type HULU for the channel to pop-up automatically on-screen.

In case, you can’t find the HULU channel on Roku account, add the HULU app manually from the supportive PLAY STORE

Complete Hulu setup on TV & Roku account

You will be redirected to Hulu webpage as soon you tap on ADD CHANNEL button. Share your HULU login credentials to verify the channel subscription. Congratulations! Your Hulu will get listed in Roku account.

Free trail of hulu channel in roku streaming device

Activate subscribed Hulu+ LIVE TV on Roku from Computer

Learn if how to activate Hulu + on your windows and MAC OS>

download hulu app on Smart TV now

Download Hulu app

Open your computer and go to device store and search for HULU app. If you are a Windows user, open Google Play Store and in case, you are using Mac device, go to Apple store and get Hulu app on computer.

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install hulu app on Smart tv

Launch Hulu software application

Install the downloaded Hulu application on your computer and create its icon on desktop.

Launch the Hulu software from the desktop and choose LOG IN on the welcome screen. Later, tap on ACTIVATE ON COMPUTER button.

Get Hulu Roku Activation code

Get Hulu Roku Activation code

The last step will take you on a screen displaying an Activation Code. Copy this code onto some notepad file and go to webpage.

Note: You need to share your Hulu login details if asked.

How to Use Hulu access code on TV

Use Hulu access code on TV

To activate hulu on roku. Type the copied link Hulu code on the Roku TV screen and wait for around 30 seconds so, you can login and add Hulu channel on TV.

With this, you need to just choose your profile and start accessing Hulu on Roku.

Troubleshoot problems of Hulu with Roku

Discover solution to most common and trending Hulu + LIVE TV issue on Roku. For all guides navigate to Help Guide section

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the highly-reported queries of Hulu on Roku

Yes, you just need to login HULU account and change your subscription plan from HULU to HULU+LIVE TV>>>>>and, finally restart the Roku device. Your Roku device will show the service channel from live tv.

Roku won’t charge anything extra if you wish to add HULU channel. However, the HULU streaming service is paid and you need to subscribe for the channel on Hulu official webpage so, the service can be availed anytime on Roku device.

The HULU compatible Roku products are Roku streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra, Roku 3, and Roku 4.

Simply, choose the account icon from the navigation bar>>>>then, scroll down and choose LOGOUT. If asked again, choose LOGOUT of HULU and confirm your action.

Not all but some of the Roku devices still support Classic app of Hulu. All Roku users can access Roku streaming Player 2400 to 3100 and Roku stick 3420 or earlier. However, while accessing the Hulu on such Roku devices you will miss Premium Add-ons and LIVE TV.

Yes, it is possible to cancel HULU subscription anytime on Roku TV and account. You just need to visit the Roku account page and navigate to Account section>>> tap on CANCEL button>>>>and, finally follow the prompts to confirm the action.

By default, only two people can access Hulu account at one time. It implies that you can stream one HULU subscription on two different ROKU or some other devices simultaneously.

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