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My TV cast code is your one stop shop while it come to fix streaming stick and device related issues.
No matter with what brands streaming stick or any kind of smart TV you are facing issue with streaming you may contact us to fix the issue.
We do fix all the error starting from 001 to 100 that pop up in your TV screen while streaming channels and shows.

Our service only cover software related issues if your device is having hardware related issue you must contact official manufacturer


Excellent service by mytvcastcode.com. I was having trouble activating my Roku device on Samsung TV. It was my account where the problem was, they fix the problem and give me many tips on how i can use Roku in better way.

John Travalta


I am absolutely grateful to find my mytvcastcode. As i had two problem with my TV channels and they fix it in plus the tips they provided made me know many wonderful things that i can do now.I highly will recommend them to my friends and family.

Kiara Smith


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