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Get Activation Code for ROKU

Please share your email address to get activation code for roku streaming device or stick.

To learn about right activation code and settings, check help guides.

get roku activation code roku com link

Overview of link Activation Code

Roku account associated with valid email address new

ROKU account associated with valid email address

ROKU account associated with valid email addresses

Roku device connected to Smart TV

Credit card or PayPal payment method

Credit card or PayPal payment method

computer laptop for roku installation

Computer/ Laptop

Updated web browser chrome

Updated web browser 

smart tv with Wireless Network

Smart TV compatible to ROKU device & Wireless Network

Get activation code for Roku

Know how you can safely get the roku link activation code for streaming device setup and use it in right place within right time-frame.

Attach Roku streaming device to Smart TV

Place your Roku device close to Smart TV. Now, use an Ethernet cable and connect one end to HDMI port at back of Roku player and another end to open HDMI port of Smart TV.

Note: You may also use composite cable to connect both the devices.

Connect Roku device Wired/ Wirelessly to Router

After Roku device and TV are turned ON, enter the Roku device setup screen from TV settings. Choose your preferred language and select NEXT to scan the networks.

How to get activation code for roku streaming device easy steps

Complete Roku device and Network setup

Select your network name (SSID) from the list discovered and provide password to finally connect the Roku device with Internet.

Allow Roku device to download Software

Once Roku device and network setup complete successfully, maintain patience as Roku device software update runs and complete.

 Get Roku link Activation Code

If you get three green ticks for each one of the options on Roku checklist, you will be redirected to a screen displaying some Roku code.

The Roku activation code would display somewhat like ‘CH825.’

Open on Web browser

Turn on your laptop or computer and connect it over the network. Next, open a web browser window and type to open players’ webpage.

Complete Roku streaming device Activation

Type or paste that Roku activation code on Roku com link screen in the prompted field (at the page center) and click on SUBMIT.

Kudos! Your Roku device will activate using link code.

Help Guides

Read these help guides to self troubleshoot your device.Screenshot and videos are given with step by step instrutions.


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How to add channel on player demanding Roku link access code?

Apply the steps to add non-subscribed or private channels on Roku device using link access code

Setup Roku device with Smart TV

Attach the HDMI cable between Roku device and Smart TV to build a connection. Later, start following on-screen instructions to complete Roku setup on TV using Roku activation link code.
Attach your computer or laptop to router wirelessly / wired. And, ensure the device has proper access to Internet.

Open another tab on browser window and type private Roku channels or non-subscribed Roku channels. You will find different links to private channel window.

Get Roku link access code

Open one of the private channel windows through the list and search for the non-subscribed channel that you want to add on Roku device.

Find the Roku link access code available right below the channel name or image.

For instance, the code for Woot channel is bppim.

Login Roku account configured on Roku device

Open web browser window and go to URL: to login Roku account. Once you enter your Roku’s account home screen, navigate to My Account page (via menu that opens from the profile picture in top-left corner).

Add channel using Roku link access code

Tap on “Add channel with access code” link and type the copied channel code in the field provided.

Finally, click on Add channel and reboot your Roku device.

Check the list of channels on Roku device post restart and you may see the channel being added to your favorite list.

Activate Netflix on Roku

How to get activation code for roku streaming device easy steps

Troubleshoot Other Roku link code errors

Apply the steps to add non-subscribed or private channels on Roku device using link access code

How do I reset & setup Roku Express, Premiere, Streaming Stick +?

Find all solutions to setup and reset different ROKU devices

Steps to Reset any ROKU device: Express, Premiere, and Streaming Stick+

Before you go for factory reset of any ROKU device, it’s important to note the after-effects. These are:

  • Removal of personal preferences from ROKU device
  • NO more connection between ROKU device and account
  • You need to setup ROKU device again (from initial step).


Now, if you are ready to factory reset the ROKU device, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn on your ROKU device and want for the ROKU remote to pair with the streaming device.
  2. Next, press the HOME-like button on ROKU remote and choose SETTINGS from the left-panel displayed on smart TV.
  3. Further select SYSTEM>>> Advanced System Settings>>>> Factory reset>>> Factory reset everything.
  4. Then, keep selecting NEXT and OK button on TV screen to complete the ROKU device reset.


Important: In case, you can’t get through the software reset process, simply locate the reset button at the back of ROKU device. It will have a label RESET near or on it. Press that reset button for few seconds and then, leave the device to reset and get into the ready state again.

Steps to reset ROKU remote

If your ROKU device remote stops working  all of a sudden then, simply reset the remote using below steps:


  1. Unplug the ROKU device and TV from wall outlet and remove the batteries from the ROKU remote.
  2. Wait for around 5 minutes then, replace the batteries in remote and again restart your TV and ROKU device.
  3. Allow the ROKU device to start and remote pairing screen to load again.
  4. As soon the remote pairing load screen appears, look for pairing button at remote’s back in battery compartment and press it for fraction of seconds.


The ROKU remote will pair with the ROKU device again!!

Steps o setup ROKU Express and Premiere

More than 95% of the Roku setup process for Express and Premiere device is same. Therefore, without causing any chaos- the process to install ROKU express, premiere, and ultra-device are explained altogether.

Meet System Requirements

Initially, check for a strong Internet connection, a working ROKU device, a computer/ laptop, and ROKU remote.
If you have these basic things on your list, you may proceed further.

Insert Batteries in ROKU remote

Open the ROKU remote and insert the batteries inside the device in accordance with the signs mentioned on remote.

Connect ROKU device to TV

Using HDMI cables connect your ROKU device and smart TV. Then, take another Ethernet cable and connect it with the ROKU device and wall outlet. This will provide supply to the ROKU device.


Now plug-in power cable of TV in wall outlet and wait for the device to turn ON. You will see “ROKU” getting displayed on the TV.

Choose Language for ROKU

The first screen that appears after the ROKU logo, asks you to choose the language that you want to display and use for your ROKU device. Press OK button to jump onto next screen.
Important: You can change the language at any time in future.

Select the Purpose of Use

The next screen provides the list of purposes or which the ROKU device can be used. Make your choice and follow on-screen instructions to move onto the next webpage instructions.

Connect TV to Internet

Next tap on Scan Network option in left-panel and allow the device to display the list of all available wireless networks. You need to find your SSID name and tap on NEXT to type the password set for the wireless network.
As, soon you tap on NEXT, let the device connect to Internet over the network.

Allow Latest software download

If the ROKU device connects to Internet successfully, it will automatically start searching for the software update online.
Note: Wait for the software update to complete on device.

Get Activation Code For Roku

After the software update, you will get a code on left-side of ROKU TV screen. It is roku activation code. Simply, copy or note the link code as it is in any notepad or sticky file.

Create Roku account and activate ROKU device

Later, connect your computer system to Internet and open URL in the web browser window. Type that copies code in the provided field and press Next to activate the roku device.

Complete ROKU device activation

To complete activation code activating process on ROKU, you have to provide the Roku account details asked during the process. If you do not have a ROKU account then, click here to create one.

Congratulations! You are now ready to access the ROKU device and its channels.

Steps to setup ROKU Streaming Stick+

The hardware setup of Streaming stick+ is slightly different from Express and Premiere ROKU device.

Therefore, refer the below steps to connect the ROKU streaming stick+ with the TV.

Activate Hulu on Roku

You may also refer the image on right-side for proper ROKU device and TV connectivity.

  1. Plug-in ROKU streaming stick+ inside the open HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Next, attach one end of USB power cable inside the USB port of your TV and another end in the streaming stick.

Recommendation: It is best to connect the one end of USB cable to streaming stick and another end to wall outlet for better power supply.

After the hardware setup completes, turn on all the devices involved in process and follow the same process as one defined for ROKU Express and Premiere setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roku streaming device must be linked to Roku account when you are trying to connect it. In case, you don’t have a ROKU account then, create one. While you are creating Roku account, there will be no fee charged. However, you will be asked to share the details of your credit or debit card when you want to setup Roku pay.

Roku activation using link is absolutely free. However, you need to share the details of your credit card during the setup (this step is mandatory). In case, you want to bypass the credit card step, open System>>> Advanced system settings>>> factory reset.

You need to connect ROKU device with the TV and use remote to open Settings>>wifi>>>network name. Look for the numbers written next to IP address. These numbers would be in four-parts. In case you have ROKU TV, navigate to Settings>>>System>>> About.

Yes, of course! To access Roku device and the channels available on its store, you need an Internet connection and a credit card details to register your Roku device online.

You can connect two TVs with one Roku device, provided you disconnect the HDMI cable or make it look disconnected to the ROKU device. This will make the composite active. Additionally, you need to use switch or splitter to connect 2TVs with one ROKU device.

NO, you can now stream movies, TV shows, or any of your favorite programs even without cables or satellite subscription. However, there are many channels which are available only using cable or satellite subscription. So, if you want to access those “TV everywhere channels”, make sure you have the cables subscription with you.

Not at all! In fact, you can now purchase and connect your Roku device with any smart TV (provided its specifications match with the one defined for Roku device).

Each Roku device is linked to different Roku account or different devices can be linked to one ROKU account. However, if you try to register and connect one ROKU device on more than one ROKU account the, surely you’ll see an error message. So, make sure you create one account for one ROKU device. There is no fee to create a Roku account.

Including PCs and Netflix ready devices, you can maximum connect six devices with your Roku account. Just make sure these connected devices are authorized and associated with ROKU.

Simply, NO! You definitely need a remote to connect your Roku device with the wireless network. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to use an app unless you are connected to the network.

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